Annual Wellness Exams

Just as humans need to have annual visits to their doctor, so do our pets! Annual wellness exams are one of the most important ways that we can see the overall health of your dog or cat. During an annual wellness exam at Denton Veterinary Center, a doctor will do a physical exam on your dog or cat, checking things like their eyes, ears, nose as well as listening to their heart and lungs. We also evaluate your pet’s teeth to make sure there isn’t any plaque buildup or gingivitis.

Our annual wellness exams are also a great time to make sure that your dog or cat is up-to-date on all of their vaccines, and are on an appropriate flea and heartworm preventative. Fleas and heartworms are a year-round problem here in Texas, and we carry a variety of flea and heartworm products to help keep your pet protected.

Don’t wait until your dog or cat isn’t feeling well to take them to see the veterinarian; many diseases can be more easily treated and managed if caught early on a wellness exam or visit!

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